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4.2 out of 5
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130 Ratings

Nefarious Pudding ,

A great album despite their hands being tied

It seems none of the reviewers (of this or the partial album version) heard the word concerning the "mainstream" and "experimental" sounds of this album. According to drummer Mike Portnoy, there was a management housecleaning at their record company. The new blood didn't understand what DT was all about or that they have a lot of people who actually like that stuff. The company forced their hand into the more accessible sound you hear on this offering. Even so, it's a great album. What a nasty riff on Peruvian Skies, and the guitar solo on Lines In the Sand is one of my all-time faves.

Rockfords Rocker ,

They were restrained, but still..

they were able to come up with a jewel like this. Around '96, Dream Theater began being pressured by Elektra and their producer to write more radio-friendly music. Ironically, it backfired, and FIF became probably the least popular (besides WDADU) Dream Theater album. After this album was released, Mike and John dumped their producer, and proclaimed themselves as the new DT producers. Truly a great moment in DT history.

If you're looking for an album with balls, and musical depth really doesn't matter much to you, I'd stay away from this album. However, if you love musical talent, and a lot of it, this album is perfect for you.

I'm not saying there aren't moments on this album that aren't heavy.. Burning My Soul and Just Let Me Breathe are both very heavy songs, especially when compared to the rest of the album.

If you're looking for single songs to get off of this album, I'd say buy the whole thing. Lines In the Sand and Trial of Tears are possibly the two best songs, and going without them seems almost like a sin.

However, if you must buy single songs, I reccommend New Millenium, Peruvian Skies, and Hollow Years. (I'd reccommend Hell's Kitchen, but it feels lacking without LitS.)

Eliwood ,

A Solid Album

Dream Theater's fourth studio release, despite a few marginally weak tracks, is an otherwise solid release that includes some of the band's most memorable and enjoyable material. While I would not give it a perfect score, giving it four stars would be a disgrace. It is not Dream Theater's best release, but still does well defining the band's genre. High points of the album include New Millennium, Hell's Kitchen/Lines in the Sand, and Trial of Tears. Most of the other songs are very good by most musical standards. The only song on the album I would give a complete thumbs-down to is You Not Me. Other than that, this is definately a must-have for all fans of Dream Theater and progressive fans in general.

I might add that Track 10 is not called Falling into Infinity but is actually called Anna Lee.

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