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47 Ratings

Michael Moorlag ,

David Byrne, "Best Scribe" - Esquire Magazine, 2005

This is a fun, well-written album originally produced in 1985. I came here to download a song or two that I remembered from the cassette tape I used to have from the original recording. To my surprise the entire album had been remastered.
Byrne has taken a great set of tracks and improved on them in a way that sort of completed them or filled in the areas that he found he could improve, with much work on his part, by adding strings and a chorus, for example, where there were none originally.
Like I mentioned initially, I came for a couple songs, but after listening to the clips and how he has improved upon his own work was a great thing to hear. I ended up downloading 12 songs, including three of the originals and their newly remastered works.
This is well-written and very clever music writing in it's highest form. David Byrne is brilliant in my own personal opinion. If you are familiar with this CD at all I would say that the "re-work" he has done, only improving upon his former work should be rewarded because it shines through in every piece that I listened to.
I would not hesitate to recommend this CD to anybody. It is, in my mind, a "content buy." I am very satisfied and do not feel as though I have spent any frivolous cash on music I either didn't like or need. Good luck with your searching and buying.

Just a fan, man! ,

I Love it! David Byrne, "Best Scribe", 2005 Esquire Magazine

"Best Scribe" My man Dave! "Scribe" that means he has STILL got it all. A scribe is basically just writing forming letters, characters, or words! That's huge for a musician man because you may have a powerful or soft poetic voice that can sing like Sinatra, but if you, as a musician can write lyrics,... you can scribe.. your way past a majority of the singers out there trying to make a living as a singer/songwriter.
But, this is for "David Byrne 77" who is an angry old time music man. I just want to say that it's clear you're not sorry for any of the things you wrote in your review, but your title said (paraphrase) "I'm really sorry to the Talking Head fans out there," blah blah blah blah blah. He was so sincere. But if you want to see something funny, go to Talking Heads "Creatures of Love" and see how sorry he was there.
This is so pitiful, that he actually went to the other $8.91 version of "Little Creatures" and smeared the (you know what) out of them. Just click on his name "David Byrne 77," it will take you to all of his reviews and you can see 13 reviews he's done, especially the other "Little Creatures" and the fact that he bought a Paris Hilton song.
Anyway I gotta go and if I need to say anything about Talking Heads "Little Creatures" album is, you will love it and the dude who wrote the original title at the top, "David Byrne, 'Best Scribe,'2005 - Esquire Magazine," speaks for me. The magazine made for real men. He speaks for me. I love you all. I give this thing six stars because David knew what he was doing when he wrote this album. Bye all!

john chavez ,

This album is great!!!!

I have waited a long time for this album. This album has got to be the best of all. The bonus track only help make this one so special. My Brother Joe would love this album...so would levon!!!!!!

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