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21 Ratings

mdboucher ,


I admit when i first listen to this album nothing grabbed me but...
listen on: A worms life is an excellent song, great composition, it really sticks to you
My own sunrise, priceless. If you trusted Brad for MMM MMM MMM MMM give it a chance this will remain in your library and it will grow strong roots in your soul. Brad did deliver, but he assumed it would be to a trusting audience.

ESplets ,

Great Album that was timed poorly.

I look back on CTD's works and echo many others when I eventually say "wow they really went off the deep end on this album". But I didn't say that to THIS album. CTD delivers an album here that is full of substance and wonderful song writing, but they did step further away from the Folk sound that originally got everyone hooked so I can understand if you can't make the conversion here. I however, loved the sound on this album and it's still in my rotation today 14 years later. Folks, you have to have a GREAT album for it to last beyond a decade and still be relevant. I think "I'm outlived by that thing" might be the funniest CTD song ever made yet it is still so introspective even to this day.
I think this record is the part of a great trifecta with "Ghosts..." and the best CTD's album "God Shuffled his Feet". Skip a decade and reconnect possibly with "Ooh La La" and I think you'll be pleased. Take time to appreciate the lyrics and the fact that the music lives on on these albums unblemished through time.


RandyDFW ,

My personal favorite CTD record

This one took a while to grow on me, but it's been my favorite for years now. It all started when I really gave "I'm a Dog" a good, solid listen. Just about the perfect CTD marriage of great lyric, music composition and performance, and as with the rest of the record the product is very present, even slick, but in a good way. From there, I turned on to "My Own Sunrise" which is still my favorite track, haunting and one of those get-in-your-head songs (at least, if your head is anything like mine). "He Liked to Feel It" would be a really good song normally, but the guitar kicks it into greatness. I love "Our Driver Gestures" because the words sit so seemingly awkwardly inside the song, that they end up being the only thing that could ever make sense. Elsewhere, every song has something to offer. "Overachievers" is just plain wrong, again in the best way, and it is the only song you will ever hear that features an astronaut throwing up in his space helmet. This record should have done a lot better, although I understand why it might be tough to get inside of. I'm glad I did.

If you love this record, or CTD, or just good music, you must check out Ellen Reid's solo "Cinderellen" which is exactly as magnificent you think it will be, only more so.

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