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4.8 out of 5
1.4K Ratings

1.4K Ratings

The Great Clown Massacre ,

Best album yet from AILD!!

First off, I gotta say how great an album it is. It is the best metal album I have ever heard. An Ocean Between Us is more "thrash" sounding than AILD's previous albums, but that's not a bad thing. I like every song on this album.
"Separation"-9.0/10 It's an instrumental, but it sounds awesome. It kinda builds up anticipation for the next track.
"Nothing Left"-10/10 Awesome song, awesome video...you should check it out. The solo's on this song are great!
"An Ocean Between Us"-10/10 Another great song, one of my fave's on the album. This song is very fast paced, check out the preview to know what I mean.
"Within Destruction"-9.5/10 This is the first song I heard from the AOBU, just like the song before it, also very fast and brutal.
"Forsaken"-11/10 My favorite song on AOBU, hands down. The riffs on this song are nothing short of amazing sounding, plus the chorus is great.
"Comfort Betrays"-9.5/10 Great heavy song, it sounds alot like it's from"shadows".
"I Never Wanted"-10/10 Great vocals on this song, I love how Tim's and Josh's sing together on this track.
"Bury Us All"-9.5/10 Another heavy song with some killer riffs.
"The Sound of Truth"-10/10 Another of my favorites, this sound is great. The opening of the song sent chills down my spine when I first heard it.
"Departed" 9.5/10- An Instrumental, but it is very beautiful, and fits the title well.
"Wrath Upon Ourselves"-9.5/10 This is what I'm talking about! Another heavy song. Another of my faves.
"This is Who We Are" -10/10 I love this sound, the chorus is awesome and it seems fit to be the last track on the album.

Buy the whole album! It's that great. But if you "can't" then at least download "nothing left", "an ocean between us", forsaken", and "the sound of truth". AILD for life!

0haymai ,

In Defense of As I lay Dying and Metalcore overall...

First and foremost, this is a solid metalcore album. And, from reading other reviews, most people agree with me. Even though “An Ocean Between Us” is a great album, I still have some critiques. for example, I think they sing too much. but that’s not why I'm writing this review...

I've read reviews that criticize not only AILD, but Metalcore as a genre. To these people, I'd say stop and consider the fact that it is extremely self-righteous of you to define music. Music is an art, and art is for none to define. Art is something different to all of us. If you don't like something, you're entitled to you opinion. But your dislike for AILD, and Metalcore for that matter, doesn't mean it’s not music.

Further, it’s your snobbish attitude that has plagued all new art forms in history. Take "The Rolling Stones" or "The Beatles" for example. In the early days of rock, people snubbed them, saying essentially the same things people say about metalcore- "that’s not music" or "its just noise." now both of the bands are viewed as founders of the genre.

Finally, Metalcore isn't just music, it’s a culture. It came from the streets, and if you didn't, you may not understand it all the time. One review says AILD could make and publish a poetry book of their lyrics. Knowing AILD, it could happen. But that’s irrelevant. AILD's and metalcore's lyrics connect with millions of people, and no band in the genre needs a book to validate that.

I'm not saying you have to like AILD. I'm not saying you have to like Metalcore. I'm just saying you should think twice before writing off an entire art form and culture when you clearly don't possess a deep enough understanding to make that call.

As I Lay Dying, keep up the good work

BTW: My Favorite Songs are This is Who We Are - great guitar (1) The Sound of Truth - cool harmonies (2) and Nothing left - just a good heavy song (3)

hcx426 ,

just buy.

no review needed , sickest as i lay dying album out , and when i say sickest i mean THE SICKEST , notice how AILD , Killswitch Engage and All That Remains have never put out a bad album yet? they need a tour together , that would be big. anyway , just buy the album already!

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