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3.8 out of 5
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150 Ratings

A.J. Cole ,

Go away Issues lovers.

Seriously, you want Tyler and Mike go away. Because people that actually want to listen to this don't need your hatred and annoying opinions. I personally love not listening to a 4 year old girl sing their songs and the more brutal screams that the new screamer has are sick. It's heavier and hard hitting which is what most people in this genre like to listen to. Not synthesizers and weak whiney boy lyrics thrashing another band. I say again.... You like Issues, go away.

Th3McD ,

Worse and worse....

I can make the same level of music on my computer too... The screams and the clean vocals are so doctored its ridiculous. The first record woe is me brought out was amazing. Since then they've changed members more than underwear and its all gone down hill. For people who feel the same check out Issues. That's where Tyler went and its amazing. He actually has a good voice.

The Cynical Apple ,

Terrible, Bring back the old WIM

The title says it all. Ever since numbers, they have been god awful.

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