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32 Ratings

Chattanooga ,

The Official Bootleg Release

As the reviewer noted there isn't much new here, unless of course, you know a little bit more about Yes than the opines expressed above, which is that these songs are the top, illegally downloaded, here-to-now unavailable Yessongs, from the Internet. I have previously either traded for or downloaded every song here, not to get something for free, but because some of these classic performances (and moments) have not been available any other place.

While on some of these songs the quality is dated by it's analog source, all of these are way better than the versions floating around the internet, and the soundboard remasters kick magor-butt over the audience recordings I've had for some of these for almost 20 years. These are classic performances.

The Big Medley and Circus of Heaven from the Tormato tour, Moraz versions of Siberian Khatru and Soundchaser, Trevor Horn singing Tempus Fugit, and on and on. And what about the Bill Bruford on the drums on the 14 minute version of America in 1971? Sweet!

These are professionally remastered soundboard versions of all the crappy bootlegs you've learned to love. What a nice present to their fans. It isn't allways about the money. This is a nice present from a great band to its fans.

Buy it all.

Mongolikesbeans ,

Quit yer gripen'

Yup..it is a good album. Yes live is nothing like the yes albums...more power, more drive, more energy and more bass :)

Gabe Rhodes ,

Yes, like youve never heard them before.

I wanta say that this collection is by far one of the best I have ever bought. The songs, the concerts, the arrangments are really quite amazing.

Astral Traveller- Graet version. You get to hear Steve Howe make Pater Banks's guitar part more rockin'.

Everydays- Awesome!

Yours Is No Disgrace- FINALLY!!! A version of this song, live, with Bill Bruford on drums. Amazing take I will say!

I've Seen All Good People- Full Of energy!

America- Quite the cover. Way better than the version off of Keys To Ascension.

It's Love- A cover, written by the Young Rascals. Good take.

Siberian Khatru- I dont like Patrick Moraz's keyboard playing on this one, but it works.

Sound Chaser- It's amazing to hear how they pulled off everything in this song, Live!

Sweet Dreams- A little sloppy, but definately full of life!

Future Times/Rejoice- Almost sounds like the actual recording.

Circus Of Heaven- Its interesting how this song sounds live. I like it!

The Big Medley- This is a good enough reason why you should buy this album. An absolutely amazing medley, definately worth the 25 minutes to listen too.

Roundabout- The Classic Yes version is a lot better than this one.

Heart Of The Sunrise- Way better version than the Yessongs version! Way better!!

Awaken- It wasn't mixed well, this version, but its decent I guess.

Go Through This- Great Song!!! I wish this saw the light of day for the Drama album. It's definately a rocker.

We Can Fly From Here- Really Good Song by Trevor Horn. This song shouldve seen the light of day as well. Too bad it didnt.

Tempus Fugit- An even more amazing song live then recorded. Too badd Jon Anderson doesn't want to sing songs from that album, casue they should at least do this one. It's sooo good!

Rhythm Of Love- I like it!

Hold On- Great drum solo before the song. Good version of this song as well. This song always sounded good live.

Shoot High, Aim Low- I got bored, because it sounds excatly the same as the studio version.

Make It Easy/Owner Of A Lonely Heart- This song always sounded good live as well. Definately a good buy!

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