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Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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4.5 out of 5
362 Ratings

362 Ratings

Chevontez ,

The Hits

311 has had a lot of success in the span of time that this album covers and it is nice to see a Greatest Hits album. And they stick to the title of the track, they are the songs that received radio play (some more than others) and it is not necessarily a "best of" 311.

That being said, this is an enjoyable collection of songs that would be good for someone who has never really listened to 311 before. I think everybody has at least heard "Down", "Amber", "Love Song", and "All Mixed Up". But there are others on here that have a very accessable sound that were never that big of hits. This would include "Don't Stay Home", a rocker with melodic singing and a fast rapping break down, "Do You Right", which is an early 311 single with a very nice chill vibe, and "Homebrew", which is a hard hittin' rap/rocker that always rocks the house at live concerts. 311 did a good job of releasing singles that showed their different styles. There are both hard rockers and mellow grooves. I do not know why they didn't include "Prisoner", which is an awesome track that was a single off of Transistor.

The two new songs are also a nice display of the different sides of 311. "How Do You Feel?" has a nice hard rock sound with S.A. rapping, it kind of has a Blue Album (self titled) feel to it at those parts. Then Nick comes in singing that escalates into a soaring chorus. "First Straw" is more of the sunny styled 311 that they've become known for. Very nice instrumentation, such as the use of accoustic guitars for the chorus and very nice guitar break in the post chorus, and also some nice vocal backround harmonizes in a Beach Boys style during the verses.

So while there may be a LOT more songs that are "better" than these radio singles (at least in my opinion), this is still a nice collection of songs with a couple of new tracks.

Shadrach33 ,

Read This

311 has got some serious skill... The beautiful combination of reggae and rock put together to make a harmonic blend of sound that is so pleasing to the human ear, it'll make you come crawling back, begging for more. And if this review wasn't enough to convince you...Well, I guess you'd miss out. Big time...

Credible Source ,

Partial Criticism

whoever writes the "official"/biased Itunes reviews is nothing short of demeaning with their generalities and uneducated judgments on a musical masterpeice...311 puts their heart and soul into every song and if you've listened to this album you know what im refering to. buy this album and dont waste your time on reading the "official review"

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