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3.9 out of 5
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69 Ratings

James Al-Malek Al-Mahdi ,

The Best Myriam Fares Album Yet; Aman is a Renaissance in Arabic Music.

Aman is an excellent album. Myrriam's new album showcases her myriad talents as a singer. Myriam experiments with new styles and innovative combinations of traditional Arabic music and dance music. This album is exceptional, the songs are beautiful, and the beats are catchy. I love Aman, absolutely adored the new songs,enjoyed Myriam's new style, and the many different innovative musical techniques she employs.

Aman is a powerful album; it is like a musical renaissance, with complex hints of traditional Arab, opera, dance and electronic music. Myriam's lyrics bespeak her devotion to pleasing her fans. Her songwriting has a poetry which is at once cutting and gentle. Aman resonates deeply with our human nature--our drive to dance, love, and be free. It is a lively album, with great dance music. The songs are melodic, quick tempoed, with a heavy bass. It is a great deal at only $10 US on Itunes.

Aman is an innovative album, it combines both modern and traditional music to create something completely new. Aman is like a Sarraqa of love, a cry of love within the soul. It reaches out to our deepest human natures and calls out to us to embrace life and love anew. There is something visceral about the new beats, something which calls out to the deepest part of ourselves and screams "Love!" Aman is an evocative musical adventure and a great buy; it recalls many happy memories for me of living in the Middle East during the Arab Spring.

Aman's new electronic dance style reminded me of the parties thrown with wild green lasers around Tahrir to commemorate the Arab Spring. Myriam Fares is the music that the Arab Spring will always be set to in my heart because she breaks so much new ground and transcends so many styles. Aman's fiery new beats are particularly evocative of the wild, rave-like protests and parties of the revolutions and social justice upheavals of the Arab Spring. It calls out to us to dance and love and be happy, to let go of the hate and anger and just dance along to the beat. Nearly every Ipod in the Middle East played Myriam's latest hits every day I lived there during the Arab Spring. Myriam is musically revolutionary; her music is representative of the cultural and musical renaissance of the Arab Spring.

This album combines many musical genres to create a totally unique and bewitching experience. It is a great deal at only $10 US and well worth it. Please buy this album and don't just listen to it because Myriam works hard to create great music for us and deserves record sales, if you enjoy music please pay for it. I personally loved this album and would strongly recommend it to others.

Maryam bakr ,


Best album everrrr

Maurice daou ,

New album myriam fares

Very nice album. Keep going myriam.

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