Editors’ Notes 2009’s Waking Up rebuilds the dance floor into an art gallery. The songs are laced with prominent string orchestras, gossamer children’s choirs (the same strings and kids used by Danny Elfman on his film scores) and an impressively exquisite-sounding production. “Made for You” opens with melancholy chamber pianos à la Coldplay as Ryan Tedder inflects more like Radiohead’s Thom Yorke. The song ends with cinematic sound effects that cleverly bleed into “All the Right Moves,” where Tedder’s dynamic vocal range stretches up to croon more like Justin Timberlake. A quiver of cellists christen the standout arena power-ballad “Secrets,” an over-the-top composition powered by clapping sequenced beats over which Tedder dramatically howls out confessions like it was his last day on earth. Of the four bonus cuts on the Deluxe Version, “Passenger” plays like a heroic U2 anthem