13 Songs, 36 Minutes


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.


Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics.

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3 Ratings

strawberry1969 ,

Gritty Band

I really enjoy their sound.

DungBeats ,

The Rise of the Whiskey Dick!

Take a swig of hooch and take in the country western boogie-woogie, pop, and above all, maturity from, yes, The Whiskey Dick Rebellion. What’s admirable about this rock album, and this rock band, is its offering of something that was once commonplace in music: a simple, unpretentious ask for a dance.
The album offers a wide range of sound, both instrumentally (check the swooning ‘Where I Stand’ & the excellent ‘Don’t Take it so Wrong’) and tonally, without being overwrought or trite.
There is a certain western-gothic motif threaded throughout this album that, conceptually speaking, ties it loosely together while allowing for tributes/ interludes to their influences with Replacement-style Pop (in all its splendor and restraint (see ‘Van Gogh Night’ & ‘Every Story’ ), Dolls’ Punk (‘Looking Good’), and Coke-a-Billy Country (‘Find My Way’ & ‘Say What You’re Gonna Say’) . Indeed, the album sounds like a social gathering, “Oh, you have a tambourine? You can play pedal steel? Harp? Back-up vocals? Let us Jam!” For example, they bring in legendary Rocky Zharp on the zHarmonica to tandem with the pickings of Bret Cohen to give one of the most energetic rock recordings of the year on ‘Doing Fine.’
No matter the jar of jam opened, lyrically speaking, the chorus’ are extremely catchy and participatory. Take the (dare I say) anthemic title track, ‘All That is Left Behind’, with lead singer Joel Arellano singing, “When it’s all said and done/ Well I know we had our fun/ Well I know we just can’t run/ Oh baby don’t you give it up that fast.”Arellano then takes the refrain “All that is said, and done” and applies it to a fatalistic level in the later track ‘Don’t Take it so Wrong.’ This time he speaks of the relationship as a dream, not quite heaven, not quite hell. By the time we get to the album’s closing track, it’s apparent the relationship has killed them both, at least spiritually. We hear her ghostly backing vocals mimic the words, “Please say you’ll stay/ another day”, in this case a day, or a life, too late.
The greatest achievement of this album, however, is the band’s ability to drive the familiar in new directions, dodge the pigeonhole, and construct its own distinctive sound that is both tempered and unabashedly fun.

Influences: People who Hate: Dancing.

Jc2426 ,

Great music! Great band!

A refreshing collection of new rock 'n roll music. Catchy and memorable. Like a west coast New York Dolls with a touch of the south. I highly recommend this band, you won't be sorry!