15 Songs, 50 Minutes


The New Jersey alt-rockers keep it gritty and explore new avenues.


The New Jersey alt-rockers keep it gritty and explore new avenues.


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4.7 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

JD3rd ,

Wow. Wow. Wow...

I absolutely can’t wait for the rest of the songs to come out. This album (at least from the two songs out so far) is going to beautiful and intense. I think I can hear that this album will have its own voice in comparison to their other albums. I love Screaming Females so much. Thank you YOU 3 for coming out with another record. Again...can’t wait to hear the rest it already sounds like a winner.

Zoiks_zman ,


Regardless of how you found yourself landing on iTUNEs and considering this album let me tell you you should not hesitate to put your hard earned money down on any album the Screaming Females have released. It was only 2-3 years ago where some genius thing said folks that like Band X like Screaming Females. So, I listened to a few tunes by this band and I LOVED THEM! Last night, I was in Bloomington, IN to see them LIVE and wow, wow, and wow! Did I say WOW?! Unbelievably great live. Sooooo much fun. My thoughts were back to a Breaking Bad episode with Tuco taking a snort of meth and just saying TIGHT, TIGHT, TIGHT. Man, these muscians were 150% on their game live. Talk about in sync. Amazing passion, super raw, and pure energy. Forget about all of this new renewable energy technology just figure out how to tap into the energy of this band and the problem is solved. Now, to really appreciate this group, you have to listen to some of the old stuff, absorb it, watch a few YouTube videos of this band and you will be hooked like I am. Wow, what an amazing voice and unique style. If you are tired of everyone sounding the same, here is your cure. Really, really original. And lastly, I have to confess. I cherry picked some of the songs rated the highest on iTunes. After seeing Screaming Females live I heard several songs I was not familar with that I LOVED! I went back and bought the whole album(s) and now see that there are a lot more of their songs that I really like. Please forgive me Screaming Females! Get on google and look up the tour dates of this band and go see them live. You will be a fan forever. PS - Please come back to Bloomington, IN again....

kmrc4ever ,


Word of mouth brought me to this album and I was NOT disappointed!Can't wait to check out the rest of their stuff!

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