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4.2 out of 5
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37 Ratings

Matt Sanderlin ,


My goodness. This is the kind of album that you can just sit and listen to, and it’s at least as entertaining as watching a good film. Talent, craft, and emotional expressional all meeting at once. Truly beautiful and captivating.

cyberjew ,


Sitting here grinning ear-to-ear! The first two songs are nothing short of stellar!

If you’ve never experienced the Punch Brothers, you’re totally missing out! It’s as if the Greek god Apollo handpicked 5 musicians who were meant to be together!

It’s a shame they don’t tour more than they do! But I’m so happy they have a new album on the way.

Do yourself a favor and download this album. Guaranteed you’ll buy the rest of their catalog!

ncchase200 ,

Political Trash

Political trash ruins yet another (insert film, actor, song etc)

I'm not mad I'm just disappointed. Well no. I'm mad. Mad that I funded another pathetic attempt by former talent to pander. Whether it's movies or music it seems the new trend is to take a political opinion that the general populace holds and pretend you're the #resistance.
It's not like I even want my entertainment to be in favor of my political opinion. Keeps politics out of entertainment. It's divisive, it's obnoxious and if you want to pretend "it's too important of an issue to stay silent! We have to do something and use our platform to get the message out!" then you go ahead and pretend but you know you're a fraud and that's enough for me.

I really love the punch brothers and I was foolish enough to think they'd be above this pathetic pandering but I was wrong. Shame too because the vocals and instrumental work is fantastic as always but it's all in service of nothing. What you have here is a waste of talent. What you have here is instrumental and vocal brilliance delivering political commentary on the level of a sitcom episode that ran during the election. The punch brothers artistic integrity is now on the level of a sitcom. 2016 really was the worst year ever. It inspired artists and talented individuals to preach to the masses in favor of entertaining us and creating art. Such a shame.

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