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12 Ratings

AstrayButNotLost ,

How can I be the first person to review this album?

I caught on to Michael Hedges in 1990, just months AFTER he played my college's performing arts center. As a student, I could have seen him for FREE. Worse, two songs on this amazing album were recorded at that show. Am I kicking myself? Hard? Every day for nineteen years. If you appreciate really (by which I mean REALLY) fantastic musicianship in which the artist takes his or her instrument to levels previously unachieved by anyone else before them then you need to buy this in-frickin-credible album. NOW! Why this guy was classified as New Age escapes me. There is absolutely nothing of that sterile, soulless musical wallpaper quality to this man's work. It used to be you had to make a deal with the devil to be able to play this well. RIP, Mike. A lot of us you left behind really miss you.

chilangoboy ,

This album needs to be in your collection - No Doubt!

I discovered Michael Hedges in 1984. At that time he (from my experience anyway) had not yet begun to share his vocal talents with us. Maybe to help with the question raised by AstrayButNotLost's review, this earlier album (and yes, I picked it up on vinyl and recorded it to cassette back then) in which I encountered the exquisit, rich, dramatic and magical talents of Michael's -- Aerial Boundaries -- was what no doubt qualified him in the "New Age" category. But it was rich and deep and nothing of the sterile, etc. qualities with which AstrayButNotLost characterizes New Age music -- which in its origins was more than that. It wasn't (embarassingly enough) until this year (2009) that a good friend introduced me to the gift of this most wonderful album of his -- bringing back a flood of appreciation and an accelerated new interest in his music. Truly, this is an album you need to have in your collection if you have any inclination whatsoever. It totally rocks, and it captures much of the spirit and personality with which Michael has given us. A couple of my faves: All Along the Watchtower and Woman of the World -- but believe me, Michael's reach is wide and deep. You'll love this album of work.

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