18 Songs, 58 Minutes


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4.5 out of 5
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15 Ratings

jnm710 ,

Brilliant boy treble

I've listened to many boy trebles, both solo performers and those that belong to boys choirs, and Aksel is definitely one of the best, if not the best, that I've ever heard. Simply put, he is a brilliant treble with a beautiful clear voice. I particularly like Eternal Source of Light Divine and Let the Bright Seraphim, and a few surprise favorites for me have been Happy, O Thrice Happy We and Barbara! Io Ben Lo So. However, the entire album is fantastic. The orchestra is great, Aksel is very good technically and also sings with feeling, and the recording itself is good quality. Not all people will like this style of music, to be sure, but it would be hard to find a better boy treble album of this sort. I'm not sure why this album is receiving some low reviews, as I don't think it truly deserves them - I noticed at least one review that simply called the album "garbage" with no explanation, which is entirely unmerited in my opinion.

RMB Studios, LLC ,


I have an extensive collection of recordings of boy trebles. Aksel truly ranks among the finest of these trebles. Any listener should instantly discover that Aksel Rykkvin is not only blessed with incredible talent, he has truly dedicated himself to perfecting his vocal performance. His voice is ethereal! Aksel clearly loves to sing, but his joy in performing beautiful baroque and classical arias is wonderfully infectious. The masters who composed these works would be overjoyed if they could hear these beautiful interpretations. The orchestra Aksel chose is also fantastic. The blend between the brilliantly played instruments and the angelic voice of this amazing young musician seems to have divine inspiration. It is impossible to miss the the intensity of focus behind these phenomenal performances. Even better, Aksel almost seems mischievous and playful especially while singing Handel's "Barbara!" This is truly an inspirational recording. I just hope we can get one more CD from Aksel Rykkvin!

Maestro Hawn ,

Offensive to the ears.

Gone are the days of the warm, rich, pure, and straight tones of boy choristers. Now you get things like this that sing with so much tension, force, and unnecessary vibrato it's no wonder women are becoming interchangeable in choirs as boys. Singing like this...you might as well have a woman sing it, at least she may execute some technicalities better. Seems to me he's just wanting to be a little diva and doesn't quite care about the music, though you can hear that, I'm sure the same goes for his "teacher".

He hasn't got a thing on a fine English choir boy though.