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3 Ratings

luciddisconnect ,

Groundbreaking transition between Techno and Bass

I just finished listening through with decent headphones. This is an album that demands good speakers to properly appreciate.

Akkord have created a fusion of Techno, Bass, IDM and other electronic genres that is at first coldly inaccessible. Upon deeper listen, the music is profoundly immersive. The initial images that come to mind are towering slabs of obsidian or vast steel factories. But the trite associations dissolve quickly, leaving the listener submerged in the cold, pure waves of sound. The repetitive sequences build to points of near-predictability before shifting suddenly or splintering beneath bursts of fragmented drums.

This is the first album that I've heard in a good long while that made me think there might still be an electronic music Underground. It's an ideological statement in itself. I'd love to hear this music pulsing in a warehouse rave in the nowhere part of town.

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