4 Songs, 13 Minutes


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3.9 out of 5
57 Ratings

57 Ratings

LF9598 ,

Inspired by the Zeitgeist

While most of the extremely negative reviews just seem to bash the fact that it is a political EP, the name certainly tells you that upfront, I have really seen no complaints about the music itself. Lyrically, every song is superb, complete with sharp, biting wit and sarcasm.That being said, there are two tracks that I feel are musically underwhelming in 'Give Stupidity a Chance,' and 'What Are We Going to Do About the Rich.' The former sounds like it was a 'Super' B-Side while the latter sounds like 'Pandemonium' from the 'Yes' album with loud shouting.

However, 'On Social Media' s a fine dance track that harkens back to their 90's music complete with a riveting house piano with some choral chanting reminiscent of 'Go West.' Lastly, 'The Forgotten Child' is sublime and to me sounds like 'King's Cross,' blended with 'Into Thin Air' (the wonderful ending track on their last album 'Super'). I also need to mention that blissful electronica at the end of the track, very well done.

This EP is worth the buy and it displays PSB is lyrically at the top of their game, and still capable of writing great dance tracks and haunting melodies that blend together. This has me even more excited for the eventual release of their new album. Great work!

jimbo1126 ,

America deserves this

Pet Shop Boys may hail from England, but this one's all about us, honey. In four songs, biting commentary on, in order, 1) Trump and his corrupt administration; 2) the social media monster; 3) the 1 percent; 4) children at our borders. Combined with some of their strongest songwriting in YEARS. Wow - definitely worth a listen or 10. Melancholy, vicious, beautiful, and not the least bit hopeful. Just how I like my Boys!

Joan_of_Arc_777 ,

New Wave is back

It's ironic that my mother used to listen to Pet Shop Boys in her youth and is now a trump zombie. What a necessary sound for this crazy day and age.

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