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The best Booker, the best NOLA piano

I was in the Louisiana Music Factory (support them if you are in NO) after Jazzfest about a decade ago… I asked someone working there for some real NO piano, something along the lines of Professor Longhair, but different. Something that other folks might not know.
The fellow asked me if I knew what a tack piano was - I said "Yup, but I don't own any." He then asked me if I knew James Booker, and I said "Nope." He handed me this CD and said "Get to know him."
Then he gave me a few Booker stories… I sadly found out that I'd never hear him live, but thank heavens that this got made. Out of 20,000 plus CDs and 5000+ vinyl LPs, this is in the top five I own.

Christopher-Joel ,


I have been a Booker fan since I was a child. He was on top of his game on this album. I would be curious to find out what happened when they faded out on some of the tunes, nonetheless, it's pure gold. The "Junco Partner" (1 & 2) are as dark and dirty as I've ever heard him do....he was really in touch with what he sang about so it seems. I'm totally all about this album and would recommend it to anyone who wants to know what true and original New Orleans piano playing is about.

Mookie2018 ,

My favorite JB

If you've ever heard folks raving about James Booker and wondered what the fuss was all about, here's the record that proves it all. So much of Booker's recorded output is solo recordings and uneven live sets that they don't capture the brilliance of the man. JB was easily as funky as Longhair but with a virtuosity that was untouchable. On this set he has a strong band backing him up and freeing him from having to provide his own rhythmic base. The results are astounding....some of the best New Orleans funk piano you'll ever hear. It's a pretty strong vocal set as well. Don't miss this one....a hidden gem for sure.

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