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29 Ratings

DaUnknown ,

The Perfect mix of Prog and Listenability

“Affinity" is without a doubt Haken’s best release so far, a stunning follow-up to 2013’s then-unbeatable "The Mountain.” Their new 2016 concept album showcases their heaviest side, their softest side, and their most beautiful side in one concise package that is almost too easy to replay over and over.

Haken is without a doubt one of the most progressive, unique bands to come around in recent memory, even being frequently compared to Dream Theater. The difference between Haken and Dream Theater, though, is that Haken never sacrifices listenability for progression, as DT has begun to do over their last few albums (sue me, I said it). “Affinity” is no exception. It wields incredible progressive power for those of us who are more accustomed to bands like Dream Theater, while still being accessible for the lowest common denominator.

Track five, “The Architect,” is likely to be the song that everybody ends up talking about. It’s the 15-minute epic of the album and features harsh vocals around the 11-minute mark. Harsh vocals haven’t been used in a Haken album since their debut, “Aquarius.” These vocals are likely to turn off some newer fans that are unfamiliar with “Aquarius," since they seem to come out of nowhere.

This song really contains no bad songs at all, assuming Affinity.Exe doesn’t count since it’s just sound effects as an intro. Initiate is incredibly catchy, 1985 sounds like it’s straight out of a Van Halen album (which is a good thing), Lapse has a very beautiful chorus, The Architect is just godly, Earthrise has a very beautiful ending section, Red Giant is a very soft, slow breather track with a beautiful ending, The Endless Knot is just all-around amazing, and Bound by Gravity is a fantastic closer. There’s not a single bad song to list. The only forgettable song is Red Giant because of how subdued and quiet it is, but that’s exactly why it’s north remembering as well since no other song on the album sounds like it.

The only criticism I have of this album is that it’s too short! It runs somewhere around 50 minutes (?, just a guess), which isn’t officially any shorter than average, but because of how unbelievably good the music is, it feels like it’s over in five minutes.

9.5/10, Amazing album! Worth a buy!

TheMusikmman ,

A Prog Metal Masterpiece That will leave you breathless

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine texted me and said “hey you gotta check out this band I saw the other night! They are awesome.” So I picked an album at random (Affinity) and listened to it from start to finish. I was totally floored. I have since listened to Vector and the Mountain, but I keep coming back to Affinity. I listen to it at least twice a day and never tire of it. Just get it. It is a true 5 Star album.

javajeff ,

Excellent Progressive Metal!

Haken has 4 really high quality albums, and you could recommend any of them as a starting point for anyone that could be interested in this band. I enjoy them all, but I think Affinity could be my favorite. I understand the objections to this album coming from the excellent The Mountain, and it is a matter of preference as to what album people like more. I like Affinity more, and I think the eclectic music taste of Connor Green adds a new dimension to Haken. While he is also an excellent bassist, his input in the creative process will help Haken innovative and remain a top tier Progressive Metal band. While some albums have more metal than Affinity, expect variety that will always keep you guessing. I like the unexpected, and Affinity has it in spades!

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