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4.4 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Noomskull ,


Dead Letter has done it again. Precise timing, incredible vocals, sonic psychedelic guitar riffs. This album has everything you could ever ask for in a rock album. Don’t even hesitate to buy this or any of their other work as these are some of the few true musical artists left.

J.W.E. ,

Shallow record.

Ok, Dead Letter Circus…we get it…..you think everybody is a government pawn, a sheep, and under the control of some nebulous, secret, evil authority. Do you have anything else to say? Because you’ve spent three albums talking about that now, and your lyrics are getting pretty stale. “We are pawns to our masters, laughing above us, knowing that we won’t even notice the game.” Really? That’s the best you could come up with? It sounds like an emo 17 year old kid wrote that.

That lyrical line is a reflection of this album as a whole: shallow, basic, lowest-common-denominator music that is not insightful in any way. A bunch of 3-4 minute radio rock singles thrown together to make a buck.

Dead Letter Circus is a band that likes to wear the image of “prog rock” with lyrics about political struggles (from a completely clueless perspective) and mysterious album names like “Aesthetes” and “The Catalyst Fire.” They want to be thought of as a band who is on the same musical and intellectual level as their contemporaries, like Karnivool and Breaking Orbit. But the sad truth is that, while they might be more commercially successful, they aren’t nearly as talented or creative. They pander to the lowest cormon denominator, which is the liberal anti-establishment types, and they don’t push themselves musically at all.

This is an album of 4/4, simple chords, repetitive hooks, and shallow lyrics. Hey, Dead Letter Circus, why don’t you try exploring your musical boundaries a little more? Write something creative, engaging, and complex that people can sink their teeth into, even if it doesn’t sell quite as well. Challenge yourselves.

I hope you decide to go that direction in the future.

liquid-silver ,

I can't quit listening to this album

Best album I've heard all year, the album is solid all the way through. I enjoyed catalyst fire, but not as much as their record before. This is a more grown up expanded version of DLC and I love where they're going! Hopefully I can catch them live in the states again!

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