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4.8 out of 5
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4 Ratings

Wynonie Skeets ,

The best of what music can do

This is music from a stage show, not so much a musical as a multimedia play with songs. But the music has no problem standing on its own. In fact, one of the songs -- Cover Me With Your Darkness -- is surely one of the best songs I have ever heard, and I've been an avid music listener for more than forty years! Some of these songs bloom as the sound of psychological damage healing while others are acute observations of a world that can cause such damage. But it is not pessimistic. It is human. And it is humanizing, which is the best thing that music, or any art, can be.

nyc151 ,

Phenomenal Talent

Cynthia Hopkins is such an incredible talent that I'm not sure I can properly convey the depth and power of her work. I saw the second installment of her trilogy (Must Don't Whip 'Um) in Brooklyn in 2007. This album, Accidental Nostalgia, is the music to the first part of the trilogy. But every time I listen to this album, the images and sounds of Must Don't Whip 'Um are stirred up inside of me. Ms. Hopkins presents in her work what I believe to be the most moving presentation of theater and music that I've ever had the pleasure of viewing. Her songs have a deep truth and warmth, conjuring the most terrible sadness and the most ecstatic joy. The music is beatiful and classic, but yet completely modern. It has undertones of jazz and american roots music, but could easily be called rock and roll.

This woman and her amazing ability to merge such powerful music with an innovative and irreverant stage show deserve a bigger stage and bigger audience. I am a music fanatic who has attended literally hundreds of concerts. And I am not sure I have ever been so deeply and lastingly touched by any single performance as I was by Cynthia Hopkins in 2007.

Do not miss the upcoming 3rd installment of her trilogy. And do not miss out on this album as an introduction to her work. You just might be missing an American treasure of music and theater.

Herodotus Bartleby ,

Really Fun and Interesting Stuff

I can't think when the last time was that I was so captivated by a new album, as opposed to simply some songs ON an album. Gloria Deluxe seems to be pushing its sound in new directions here, towards something fuller and lusher. There are more horns on this album, and more strings, and a more rocking sound. The songs are beautiful and disturbing all at once, but the overall tone seems to be kind of triumphant. I am really glad that I own this, and I'm thinking about giving it to friends.

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