15 Songs, 57 Minutes


Mastered for iTunes


Mastered for iTunes

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4.9 out of 5
91 Ratings

91 Ratings

King Pig III ,

How can you not like this

Track by track
1. Intro- it's an intro. The end
2. Apocalypse Please- As a Christian it's a little insulting, but I do think it's funny. As a song it's really dramatic and really good. 9/10
3. Time Is Running Out- great bass line great everything you need this song 10/10
4. Sing For Absolution- Also great. If you find the piano verses boring then just listen to the climax. Amazing 10/10
5. Stockholm Syndrome- I know people love this song, but it personally just feels like a 7 minute guitar drum pound, which gets boring after about 4 and a half minutes. (Exaggeration) 6/10
6. Falling Away With You- the acoustic guitar is amazing and I wish it had been kept acoustic for the entire song or instead of making the electric so loud. It's still amazing though and totally 9/10
7. Interlude- it's an interlude. The end
8. Hysteria- Really powerful bass line really powerful guitar and singing. Just buy it. 10/10
9. Blackout- Meh. Not real memorable, not bad. Slow ish song 7.5/10
10. Butterflies and Hurricanes- can't say a whole lot, it's pretty good. 8/10
11. The Small Print- Ok, not a huge metal fan but this song.. This song is beautiful. 10/10
12. Endlessly- I know people love this song but it's just so boring and irritating... 6/10
13. Thoughts of a Dying Atheist- it makes you think while providing a great song. Again, I'm a Christian but still... The only real quirk I have is just bounce back and forth between this songs intro and Sunburn's... I'm pretty sure it's the exact same... 9.5/10
14. Ruled By Secrecy- haven't really thought about this track much. Rather disappointing end but it's not bad. Kind of like Blackout. 7.5/10
Overall 9/10

Katiekat12420 ,


This album (besides Origin of Symmetry) is probably Muse's best album. It has the perfect blend of upbeat, electrifying songs like The Small Print, Stockholm Syndrome, and Thoughts of a Dying Atheist mixed with some slow yet beautiful songs like Blackout, Endlessly, and my favorite, Falling Away With You. Your Muse collection hasn't started and surely isn't complete without this masterpiece of an album.

Danman123321 ,

Aah, Muse.

This album just shows how great Muse is! From hard hard rock, to peaceful love songs all in the same album, and all of the songs being awesome, this is a must own for any Muse fan or rock fan.

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