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24 Ratings

z32o_ism ,

Good but I "wasted" money earlier.

So yeah... BT released the "radio edit" album and then this one came out after... why would he do that to us :( Can't help but buy this one and delete the radio one.

acroboy ,

Poor album, terrible marketing

Firstly, if I may rant a little, be aware that these are not the "extended" versions. They are the original versions, as BT recorded them. For those of you who purchased the album previously, what you have now in your library are the poorly-edited and poorly-mastered "radio" versions (exception would be the continuous mix on that earlier release). But to patronize and insult us even more, Armada thinks they can ask $18 for this.

Now on to the music itself…both today and years ago fans have been asking for more IMA and ESCM. They are still amazing albums, but they were rooted in the dance sounds of the time (that BT helped influence and drive forward). I paraphrase based on what I recall from interviews, but BT said at the time that he didn't want to create those type of albums any more because he could create a thousand of them and they wouldn't challenge him or the listener. I for one appreciated that immensely, and as a result we had some mind-blowing and thought-leading releases. So, that brings us to 2013, and what do we have? BT following the sound of the Las Vegas crowd. Aside from a few relative highlights (Tomahawk, Skylarking, Must Be the Love) the remaining tracks are forgettable.

In the past a dance-oriented release from BT was always something to be excited about, that I would have on repeat for weeks-on-end. I've played this album a few times, and aside from the tracks above, I don't recall listening to any of it. That's not a good sign, especially for someone who has tried to get his hands on every BT track, collaboration and remix (Lemon Balm and Chamomile, anyone?)

BT, please step away from the Armada machine before it ruins you too.

silverwaterfella ,

bought em both. Upset I had to.

BT is worth it. Armada can eat me.

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