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36 Ratings

seasnake ,

part XII

this track is really cool...gets stuck in my head all day.

no one else does this!

some might compair to dream theater, but i think they are quite different. FW is to me more about the bottom line--interesting music. Where as DT imo gets a bit carried away , and their singer is intollerable. FW actually weaves atmosphere. Interesting that Kevin Moore is involved.
this album is the real metropolis part 2...

krodpod ,

Easy to overlook, impossible to forget

This is probably one of the most challenging albums that I have ever listened to. While it doesn't have the political stylings of other concept albums (ie, The Wall, Mindcime I & II), this is one of the deepest compositions that I've come across in a very long time. As a long time fan of FW, I remember being physically stunned the first time I listened to it. The lyrics alone will no doubt guide anyone going through just about any hardship to a better place emotionally, but its the music that grabs you and doesn't let go. This is one of those albums that you could listen to for several months straight, and still discover something new every time you listen to it. If you are new to Fates Warning, this is not a bad starting point, because it nicely fills in the gap from Perfect Symmetry. Its as if 'Parallels' and 'Inside Out' were just a bad dream. The biggest challange with Fates Warning is picking a favorite song or album, as there are too many to choose from. This opus makes that decision of picking a favorite album much more difficult.

Mark Coers ,

The iTunes reviewers are about as far off as Rolling Stone "critics".

My main beef with the review is, "The guitar riffs and melodic hooks contained here are simply not that memorable, requiring way too many listens before leaving any lasting impressions and overshadowing the band's remarkable musicianship." Anyone with an IQ over 0, can read this remarkable piece of word "craftsmanship", and it is immediately apparent how contadictory this entire statement is. Pure clueless-ness.

Fates Warning, in my opinion, recorded the finest concept album ever, when they recorded A Pleasant Shade Of Gray. Can a person digest the genious of this album in one listen? Hell no ... However, 16 years later, I can still listen to the cd and find myself totally absorbed in the beauty of the music, lyrics, and Ray's vocal delivery.

This is not Britney Spears, Justin Bieber, a stupid pop song, or pop music that will be forgotten after a year or so. Do yourself a favor, and buy this cd ... even if you are mildly curious. It will be the best $9.99 that you have ever spent on a compilation of music that will continue to have meaning throughout the years, and it is one of the rare cds that a person will continue to have a "desire" to listen to after more that a few spins.

Best concept cd ever, in my opinion.

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