A Piano: The Collection

A Piano: The Collection

This 86-song collection is surely for the obsessive Tori Amos fan. It collects seven previously unreleased cuts, as well as b-sides and unedited and remixed tracks until Amos’ career has been turned upside. Practically her entire Little Earthquakes album appears here in altered form, while selections from her later albums are cherry-picked and re-imagined through Amos’ restless ears. As an artist, she's never stayed in one place long enough and a collection like this where she has complete control is intriguing in the questions it raises. What kept her from releasing these tunes in these forms originally? Or is it simply a matter of keeping herself from getting bored? In any case, the unreleased cuts are keepers. “Take Me With You” (an outtake from Little Earthquakes, “Zero Point,” and demos of “A Sorta Fairytale” (also here in it official version), and the minute and a half “Playboy Mommy” are every bit as appealing as her previously officially released material. The unedited single version of “Crucify,” an alternate mix and live version of “The Waitress,” and other live tracks make the case for this major artist. 

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