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4.9 out of 5
87 Ratings

87 Ratings

Ljordan579 ,

Amazing album

I feel like this was the last great album dc4c put out. The albums after this do not compare to anything prior.

jmjansouzian ,

The album that changed my taste in music

This album introduced me to the indie scene during my college years, and 10 years later DCFC remains my favorite band. I still listen to the and The Postal Service regulary. Truely the album of a lifetime; well my lifetime anyway.

NC_kevin ,

Finding this a bit overrated

I'd been familiar with the band but not listened to this album... I guess I bought it because it's lauded as their best. Well as far as it being "their most focused and mature" work well I don't think so. Mature for a 19 year old maybe.
I think people (and young people in particular) get way too hung up on labelling a scene i.e., "indie" and inserting themselves into that scene to distinguish themselves from others, and adopting the music no matter how good it is. That could be meaningful if 'indie' actually meant something, but it doesn't- it stands for pretend-independence from yet still firmly a part of- the trillion dollar music business. As far as indie bands are concerned, I would say Modest Mouse are much better- both as musicians and song writers.
This is neither focused nor mature: most of the songs follow roughly the same format, there is ZERO musical experimentation, no real inventiveness other than perhaps the vocalist's 'style', it's basically standard pop-rock fare- some drums drumming, a couple guitars making noise that is neither unique nor inspired, a guy singing about random stuff in the second person mostly about a girl and himself... exactly what makes this so special? As far as accomplishment I would say Plans is better (and more mature) but still lacking the same thing that this is: it doesn't captivate it's just sort of dull, and for kids. Even the idea behind "Death of an Interior Decorator" and its title smacks of The Smiths' 80s hit "Death of a Disco Dancer" (a far, far better song btw) and in tune it sounds pretty much like most of the other stuff on the album so far- kind of dull and in search of purpose. Sure a couple of the songs are catchy, but that isn't saying much. This seems horribly overrated music and could have been much better.

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