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19 Ratings

MDiamond ,

Review excerpt from Music and Media Focus

In his formative days as a musician, David’s biggest influences came from the progressive rock of the 1980’s with groups like Pink Floyd, Rush, Jethro Tull, and Queen. However, upon hearing the impressionistic piano music of George Winston while in college, David was taken by what he heard and began to move in that direction. In fact, his sound on the piano has been described as “somewhere between Chopin and George Winston.”

The title track is appropriately named in that it illuminates a delicateness like sunlight on a spider’s silken web. I appreciated the way he would often pause between phrases to let the composition breathe, and give the listener a brief respite to savor the moment. Of the fourteen tracks on the album, twelve are originals and two are arrangements. Track three, “Down By the Sally Gardens” is one of the later – a sweet and lovely Irish tune that is one of David’s favorites.

The mood shifts a bit on “Day’s Gone By” and “A Vision In White” eliciting a more wistful air, that highlights the emotional range David brings to his playing and composing. However, the pendulum swings back again on the exuberant “My Happy Dance,” making me aware of how much a simple melody or piece of music can tap into our feeling nature and affect it so profoundly. The CD draws to a delightful conclusion with the second of the two arrangements entitled “Jesu Joy Canon in D” which David refers to as “a mish-mash of Bach’s Jesu Joy, Pachelbel’s Canon, and my own improvisational riffs.” “A Delicate Joy” is an exquisite collection of solo piano music that is moving, heartfelt, and life affirming, offering a timely and touching reminder to stop and smell the roses.

DariaFM ,

A MUST add to solo piano music collections!

The day ‘A Delicate Joy’ was released I immediately purchased the digital download, before placing my multiple cd order ~ I just could not wait another day to listen to my favorite pianist/composer’s new compositions! Being a passionate flower gardener, sky watcher and enthusiastic dog walker (who is eager to be shown the world through the eyes of a Sheltie) I felt an intimate connection to David Nevue’s new material. Having no children I cannot realize the joy of parenthood, yet I do indeed live a life filled with the love of creation.

Listening non-stop to ‘A Delicate Joy’ for two weeks I discovered each piece to be fresh, original and played with the familiar “Nevue touch”. The tracks are amazingly varied yet consistent with the theme. With no titles to read from the cover and choosing not to peek online at the track list, I created my own descriptives to match the joys I’d experienced for each beautiful composition. I entertained myself while being entertained! ~:)

As “The Garden Swing” played I marveled at a monarch butterfly dance at my verbena. “Happily Ever After” can be the soundtrack to the exuberant greeting I receive from my Sheltie when I walk in the door (the sentiment is mutual)! I hear “A Vision in White” while taking in the ray’s of the dawn sun filtering through the mist in the trees in my backyard. “Tiny Heartbeat” is so expressive that it can bring me to tears since I feel David is playing MY heartbeat. It’s my ultimate favorite! In the bluesy & hauntingly beautiful “Under the Setting Sun” the prevailing melody of the composition transforms and becomes dramatic & bold. David captures the essence of a gorgeous sunset – the drama & splendor occur AFTER the sun sinks below the horizon!

When my cd order arrived I was disappointed ~ not with ‘A Delicate Joy’, but with the recording industry for having eliminated the vinyl LP as its standard. Being an aficionado of album cover art, I was denied the pleasure of appreciating the detail in the superb cover – which is absolutely perfect for the subject matter in ‘A Delicate Joy’ – on so many levels!

David Nevue's genius is in composing absolutely beautiful melodies. He is also a perfectionist in his art. ‘A Delicate Joy’ will leave the listener relaxed AND energized. Every piece is uniquely beautiful. Might I add that I love the final chord played on the last track, “Jesu Joy Canon in D”? It’s played as if David was tipping his hat to the fabulous piano he played for this recording!

Thank you, David ~ your music has filled THIS fan’s heart with joy!

Bill3223 ,

beautiful, creative, interesting

David Nevue had an impressive body of work even before his recent release of A Delicate Joy. This CD is a brilliant set of compositions: beautiful melodies, interesting theme development, very well played, and the piano has an excellent tone quality. The very first song in the album lets you know that you are in for something special. The third song, Down By the Sally Gardens, and the ninth song, Just Because I Love You, are examples of simple, elegant melodies that will stick with you for a long time after you hear them. David has been sharing his music with the world for a long time now, and it is inspiring to see that he continues to grow as a composer and to hone his craft as a musician. This is a CD by a composer, and a musician, who really cares about his music and his listeners.

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