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4.8 out of 5
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13 Ratings

PrimroseGirl ,

A Cold Wind Blows - LOVED IT!

Well, it's not often that I am moved enough by music these days to write a review but, A Cold Wind Blows - literally blew me away! :) This is a really beautiful body of work. A Cold Wind Blows is just one of those songs that takes you over from first listening and starts you off on an emotional journey of a r/ship in full disarray. I couldn't stop listening.

It is a really interesting concept and Debralyn's voice is the key that carries the whole experience - sometimes raw, sometimes pleading and sometimes downright beautiful. I could go through each song but, Swim the River, Closer to Good-bye and Till I'm Gone are other standouts. The production itself is outstanding - simple, clean and yet resoundingly rich, with some really amazing players too.

It's going to be played over and again for a while to come. Thank you so much! Highly recommended!

Palette Records & MSP ,

A Cold Wind Blows: The Story

Debra Lyn’s A Cold Wind Blows is an invitation to experience the vast complexities and stark, simple truths that shape our most intimate relationships, define our deepest emotions, and ultimately determine who we are… and who we aren’t.

It is a vivid snapshot of a marriage rocked by infidelity and addiction, and a gut-wrenching journey into the heart of “a good wife” besieged by pain, anger, helplessness, hate and loss. And yet, astonishingly, this tale is not a tragedy.

Rather, it is a universal anthem of unwavering courage and uncommon strength -- one where the battlefield isn’t joined by men and women, or husbands and wives. This war is utterly within, and ultimate victory or defeat boils down to one question: what does ‘till death do us part mean when the marriage dies, but the love goes on?

The answer is meticulously and masterfully revealed through each track on the wings of a cold wind; sometimes in potent gusts, sometimes in gentle breezes, and always with unforgettable impact.

ByronsMom ,

True music to the ears!

From the moment I first heard the album I was struck by the depth of the arrangements and the heart and soul put into the vocal performances. What a mark this release is going to make in Americana music. It's brilliant!

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