20 Songs, 1 Hour 19 Minutes


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2.6 out of 5
80 Ratings

80 Ratings

aka Autumnstar ,

They Really killed it....

They NEED to put the real stuff on. On/Off needs to get put up. The Vampire Knight theme song version on this album is horrible. I stopped it after two mili-seconds. FLOW needs to get put up too. They have done Code Geass songs and Naruto songs as well.

MewMewChara ,


What exactly is the point of buying this yucky version of Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! when Itunes USED to sell the originaal by Buono!?! You've got to be kidding me. First they get rid of basically all the Buono! albums in the itunes store and now they expect us to buy this version?! No Way!!!!!!

Kirarawr ,


Why are they ruining perfectly good songs like this???
I know we'd all be happy if the original singers were singing them!!!!!!
This is just stupid now.

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