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3 Ratings

~K.I.S.S'E.S.S~ ,

~Even I was sleeping on this, but do like me, WAKE! UP!~

Ladies & gentlemen, may I have your attention, please? I love to use the phrase because, like in this instance, smooth jazz radio has gone the way of the dinosaur & far too few are mourning its loss. This is mentioned because smooth jazz does not get the recognition nor the response due to it, and such gems like Peet Project are being missed. Peter “Peet” Ferencz is the violinist spearheading this supremely talented quintet out of Hungary, and the blending of pop, R & B with elements of funk only compliment their smooth jazz presentation; in other words, the dudes are doing the dang thang! This latest release, Overseas, from beginning to end, commands you to Re~Peet this joint over and over. Now this release has been out for nearly 3 months yet I only just learned about it, thanks to the Smooth Jazz blast from Sandy Shore(thanks, lady!), which explains further as to why I say smooth jazz radio, in particular, has become gray-haired & decrepit in too many places, but such acts like Peet Project are doing their best to resuscitate a genre that is surely thriving; but as I am the first here to leave a review, it clearly demonstrates that too many are not hearing its heartbeat. I know this because smooth jazz is my selection of choice but its pulse should not need detection like a doctor using a stethoscope. And if you are in need of a cure or just a fix, let this be a part of your remedy. '24 Hours' get this started in a proper fashion, mid-tempo in its rhythm, and is perfect for its opener. 'Trafiq Jam' is just that, jam that is ready for you to consume, but unnecessary to enjoy with toast, unless you are celebrating the smile it will bring to your face. 'By Your Side' keeps the pace, only bringing it down just a taste, but still keeping it mellow. 'It's Fine With Me'.....yeah, it is, and it will be with you, too. Vocals make this track even better. 'Lightyears' is nice & easy going, as Peet's violin reminds me in this instant of Regina Carter's 'Late Night Mood.' 'Overseas' is the uptempo title track, as the sax, piano and violin all take center stage and bring it together beautifully. 'No More Lies' allows the piano to take the lead, and really takes cues from today's R & B rhythm and timing, done masterfully. 'Tell Me You Want It' both asks and answers itself, and along with 'It's Fine With Me' invites you to dim the lights, get the mood. Just. Right. 'Playground' has such an enchanting melody to start it off, makes you move to the groove, and doesn't let up, as the sound & piano is quite reminiscent of Brian Culbertson. You'll love this. 'Heavy Rain' has Peet bringing what I call a soundtrack, something composed that seems to speak a story, complete with the sounds of a storm, but its progression provides enough shelter to make you feel safe & secure. It is quite lovely. 'I Wanna Have A Party' demands you do just that, as the bass kicks the lick, and it truly retro in its sound. Man, this could easily have been played by the great 70s bands! "If you wanna have a party, say, Hey! Hey!" "Hey! Hey!" 'So In Love' will have someone playing this at their wedding, or doing like I do, playing it just because. This just pours infectious, lovely emotion into you, so much so that you have to find the right way to express it; this is done the right way for the lover in you. 'Megy a Lany' is uptempo, and sung in their native language. It too sounds good, but its expression is not clear to my ear, but that is only due to my not understanding their speech. Without a doubt,'Overseas' will be a strong contender for Smooth Jazz album of the year, and deservedly so. It is always a HUGE PLUS when you have your favorite selections, but skipping over bad ones, it just does not apply here. 5 STARS all day long.

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