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67 Ratings

JayPerea ,

Love. Love. Love.

I remember listening to Ronnie on AltPress podcast with Mike Shea and thinking to myself...this is a legit dude. But even in 2009 (when interview was recorded) I knew Ronnie was hiding a huge part of his life. To my happiness and excitement, I found out he had switched over to the Christian market. In all honesty, I believe you can play in any market and still practice Christianity but I applaud Ronnie's decision. I love this record <3. I love RJA. Keep rocking Ronnie!!!! God bless!!!!

Brandon1894 ,


This album is AMAZING . RJA NEVER DISAPPOINTS. love these dude. Amazing guys that make amazing music. Hands down my favorite band ever!

guitarguy11695 ,

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – 4 (Album Review)

I have loved RJA since I first heard In Fate’s Hands on Madden 07 for Gamecube, and I haven’t thought any less of them since. However, that being said, Don’t You Fake It will probably always be my favorite album by them, just because of the memories of middle and high school that it helped create. ANYWAYS. Let’s review the album.

1. Grimm 2.0 – 8/10. C Major=Haunting. Then C minor=more haunting. Then…birds? Thunder, then fast guitar picking, and that old familiar C power chord we know so well from tracks like “Pen and Paper”. Chanting, 30STM style, fast drums, and then the song starts. A fast and powerful track that didn’t need to be 9 minutes to be so well done. Then the song slows down a little bit, then picks back up, then an outro consisting of a monologue, with chanting and music behind it. It’s a good song, just too long for me. But some good solid lyrics, like “After everything I did for you, what I thought was fireproof”.
2. Not My Style – 8.5/10. This song, is my style. Almost reminds me musically of old Blink. (I know some people will hate me for saying that). A desperate cry for help, this song tells a tale of desperation, and delivers it well. A solid track on the album, for sure,
3. Other Side – 9/10. This one is a little bit of a serious song and not much screaming, but the lyrics are so powerful and striking, about a loved one who has passed away. A little bit like a heavy version of
“Your Guardian Angel”. Very nice song.
4. Who Do You Work For? – 7.5/10. A fast paced song, not really my style, but if you’re a fan of 90’s punk style bands (Like The Offspring, Green Day’s old stuff), you might like the pace and feel of this song. Very aggressive.
5. California – 8.5/10. This one is a good summer sounding song about someone who has inspired them to live life to the fullest and be a better person. Not one I’d have on repeat, but it’s a good one to listen to every once in a while.
6. The Right Direction – 9.5/10. This was the first single, definitely one of the best songs on the album, delivering the feelings and angst of DYFI. Lots of buildups, a powerful chorus, and a solid staple to the album.
7. It Was You – 8.5/10. A song to someone who was able to endure the hardness with a friend, and able to be there. A sweet song, and also able to blend the elements of good old RJA rock. The chorus is a little repetitive, but it is a good strong song, an easy listen.
8. Ignorance is Bliss – 8.5/10. Starting off with a Willy Wonka clip, this song kicks into high gear rather quickly. Definitely one of the heavier songs on the album, a good message, and a good solid rock song.
9. You’re The Mocking Jay – 8/10. This one…I mean, it’s got a good chorus, and it’s not a bad song, I just don’t really understand it… what does it mean to be someone’s mocking jay?
10. I Know Right – 8/10- This song to me is cleverly written, and it is slightly underrated, but it is a solid song. Good and powerful.
11. Jesus Is My Rock Star - ?/10. I don’t even know what to rate this song, because I can’t tell if I even like it. It’s so different from anything else on the album, or that they’ve ever written or recorded. I definitely wasn’t expecting it, but I’m glad it made the cut.

Album Rating: 4/5 Stars (8.1/10)
Lyrics: 9/10
Instrumentation: 8/10

Although to me this was a very good and strong album, I feel like there were some areas to improve in. If I had listened to this with no track names all over again, but had a word bank, I wouldn’t be able to tell what most of the songs were. None of the songs sounded bad, but some of them sounded the same (probably because most of them were in the key of C [8 of 11]). But it’s a great album. Not their best , and not their worst.

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