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404 Ratings

xXEl FaunoXx ,


After watching the film i had to get the Soundtrack there are a few songs here and there that are (meh) forgetable, but others such as Returns a King are pretty epic. All round the soundtrack is pretty sweet for those who liked the movie, but if you didnt don't bother getting it

Matthew Crosby ,

300 is EPIC

This music compliments the greatness of the visuals in the movie. Although half of the tracks on this album are not as "pumped-up" as would be expected for an action movie, the half that are are friggin awesome! Go for tracks 1, 4, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, and 25. "Come and Get Them" is the best.

GobbieBoom ,

This is NOT an original score

I'm a big fan of Tyler Bates. I'm a proud owner of his score to the DAWN OF THE DEAD remake -- a score that can't be found besides a very rare artist promo copy -- and have been following him ever since. When I heard he was scoring 300, I got very excited.

Then I listened to it. And now I'm very angry.

Tyler Bates has not only been "inspired" by other epic scores such as Elliot Goldenthal's TITUS and Gabriel Yared's rejected score for TROY... he has COPIED THESE SCORES NOTE FOR NOTE. I can't tell where Tyler's music begins and TITUS/TROY music stops. If you don't believe me, listen to the tracks "Returns a King" and "Come and Get Them", and then listen to the TITUS track "Victorious Titus". THEY ARE THE SAME. Note for note, beat for beat, Bates literally copied one piece of music to his score and is passing it off as his own. Listen to "Remember Us", then listen to TITUS's "Finale". The. Exact. Same. Music.

This is a woeful disappointment from Bates, who has shown so much promise as a composer. But this horrific act of blatant theft from other, highly skilled composers has left me shocked and disgusted.

You want to listen to this score? Listen to TITUS and TROY, where the music came from in the first place.

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