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Cruz82188 ,


its about damn time itunes put this up. i swear that itunes must do this on purpose. every time a reggaeton album comes out that is a deluxe edition or sondtrack it comes out weeks later. its ridiculous. but anyway this album is great. much better than his last album el cartel the big boss. daddy yankee is back yussir

Danny787R ,

El Verdadero Talento De Barrio u knw Daddy the king is back!!!

Bueno mi Gente im back nd Daddy is back, what can I can say this is a Quantum leap in reggaeton and in my opinion this is Barrio Fino 2.0, El Cartel The Big Boss no se compara nada a Talento De Barrio its amazing esto si es reggaeton puro. Daddy Yankee made this album Just like he created Barrio Fino en el Barrio with true reggaeton producers "Menes & Musicologo" "Luny Tunes" & "Tiny", this album has everything from reggaeton, salsa, Vallenato, Techno nd many more styles que no se lo van 1 puder creer. Todas las cansiones son increibles, todas las cansiones son una evolucion al nivel que only daddy lo puede hacer. El intro "Talento de Barrio", its amazing how he talks about the issues in the street in Puerto Rico and the situations that people have to face just like he did when he was young , love the song."What else can we expect from el Rey de los Intros" Then theres Pakumpa hes gois back 2 his roots making this a club banger. Then comes "Temblor" a song that is just made to dance and grind with the girl. Next comes "Pose" this is an amazing song super increible, es una evolucion que fusiona tantos ritmos & ponen esta cansion en otro nivel a club hit it just wants 2 make you move "Miss Latina Tines Un estilo Caro Yeah!!!". Then one of my favorites "llamado de emergencia", this song is especial to me as it calls for a girl to come and save him from the pain his suffering and telling her that she the only one who can do it, but that’s not the only special thing about it, it’s a fusion of Vallenato and reggaeton that just kills anything out there listen to its Daddy Yankee showing his romantic side its just a revolution. The Oasis de Fantasia a fusion of middle east style with reggaeton that is just great to hear. The comes " Salgo Pa la Calle", this is something else just different produced by Luny Tunes, it’s a guaranteed hit I mean Randy & Daddy I dont need to say anything else, The fusion of techno, trance & reggaeton the new style makes this a party song that its going to take the clubs by storm u knw Talento De Barrio. "Que tengo que Hacer?" is another romantic song just a pleasure to hear and a song to dance to in a tropical style. "Suelta" This is pure reggaeton el extracto 100% puro u know. "De La Paz & de La Guerra" this song produced by Elviz Crespo with the fusion of reggaeton & merengue some salsa style nd Vallenato you really cant go wrong whit it, this rivals lo que paso paso, & ella me levanto its even better. "Pasion" with arcangel?? U kidding me that’s all I gotta Say a sure hit la maravilla & the Big Boss That speaks by itself awsome. "Come & Vete" now this is crazy you gotta be latino to understand the title if you know what I mean lolz bt another pure reggaeton hit its pure bt updated to todays style of reggaeton u knw how Daddy Does it el extracto 100% puro. Next is K-ndela this song is a fusion of dance & jamaican classic that just makes you move and makes that girl gring that @ss great style and the speed is awsome. "Infinito" now this song is different i never heard this combination before a combination so deadly of romanticism nd lyrics that make you think about your feelings for a girl, this is so romantic Wao this is new 2 reggaeton im sure more artists are going to exploit this style bt who started it?? Daddy u knw!!. & finally "Somos De Calle" this song is like "Tu sabes ke somos de kalle, hay cura y corazon siente el fuego las reglas del juego las pongo yo..." oh damm I forgot I was givieng the review lolz jajaja wat else I can say about this is just fire hot, check out the remix its in you tube even better than gangsta zone u knw!! so yea yeah mi gente esto es todo ok u know how I do it "Tengo Todos Los Estilos papi kual tu kiere?? Jaja Ronco porke tengo Talento" TALENTO DE BARRIO MAKING HISTORY WAY BETTER THAT EL CARTEL KEEP IT UP DADDY "MI TRAYECTORIA ABLA POR MI Y LAS SUYAS???

GalindoJ ,

El Rey de Reggaeton!!!!

Daddy Yankee is back ya'll! definitely better than el Cartel.... It seemed that in his last album he was trying to make a transition into mainstream spanish Hip Hop, but it didn't quite work out for him... this soundtrack esta mucho mas mejor. He's sticking to what he's known best for - the Rey of REGGAETON! Keep it up Big Boss...

If you want to choose a few songs, I'd stick to the single "Somos de Calle", "Suelta" is TIGHT, "Pa-Kumpa" is awesome too... "Pose" is on the radio a lot, its alright...

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