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129 Ratings

The Anticritic ,

Absolutely fantastic...

The movie "28 Weeks Later" is, by great leaps, the best movie of its type that I have ever had the great pleasure of viewing. That being said, what makes it so? Partially, the spectacular visuals. The plot and flow of the movie is captivating. But if there is one thing about this movie that makes it so apotheotic, it is this breathtaking soundtrack. The movie is about a virus called "rage", yes, we all know that. We all know the main plot. However, the emotions so tied into the movie, those of fear, desperation, lonliness, despair, betrayal, thrill, and, yes, rage... are so well captured in the soundtrack that whenever I listen to it, try as I might, I cannot help but to lament, to despair, to fear, to feel so alone. I feel these emotions exactly as they are portrayed in the movie.

Onto the musical theory aspects: This soundtrack is extremely experimental. It has elements of metal, techno, classical, hip-hop, and practically every "wavelength" of the "spectrum" in between. There are so many things new and exciting about this soundtrack that I would like to go over but have naught in time to spare to do so. The only reason I did not give this soundtrack a rating of ∞ is because iTunes won't let me. Don't buy this album if you are expecting mediocre. This album is by far one of the most genius pieces of composition to come out of this past thousand years.

Milkman519 ,

Haunting and wonderful

I am so glad this soundtrack came out. 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later are both amazing movies. But the music is half the movie. If you saw the movie, you have to buy "28 Theme". It's pretty much is same "In the House - In the Heartbeat" from the 28 Days Later soundtrack although the slight differences make it so great. "Don Abandons Alice" and "Leaving England are both "remixs" of "In the House - In the Heartbeat" which are both great for the same reason as "28 Theme". But all the songs are great so I suggest of buying the whole album and going to see the movie again.

Blueoktober71 ,

Beautiful and Haunting

I like what a review below said: If there's ever a Zombie Apocalypse this would be the ONLY thing to play on your iPod. It captures a feeling of loneliness, fear and survival so beautifully.

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