20 Años

20 Años

In 1990, Luis Miguel was no longer a boy. His childlike innocence was gone, as was his characteristic mane. His relationship with his father was totally broken. Control of his career—artistic, business, and marketing—was completely his own. Finally, Luis Miguel was Luis Miguel, and the legend of El Sol began to shine with its own light. His seventh album, 20 Años, is not only one of his most celebrated, but also his introduction to the world as a mature performer with different abilities. The title is a manifesto of his coming of age, and the cover underscores the concept even more as Luis Miguel looks towards the horizon, with the immensity of the sea in the background, like someone who is renewed and aspires for more: a new starting point facing the vastness. Produced by Juan Carlos Calderón, who already had a couple of the Mexican artist's previous projects under his belt, the album became an instant commercial success, despite being composed almost entirely of ballads, following a natural succession that had started with 1988's Busca una Mujer. However, unlike its predecessor, 20 Años shows a more seasoned face of LuisMi as a romantic singer with more honest songs. “Tengo Todo Excepto a Ti” and “Entrégate” show his adult side in all its splendor, with meticulous arrangements and refined lyrics.


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