Aptly titled, 2 is the second full-length album from (G)I-DLE, the early-fourth-generation K-pop girl group known for their self-production, meaningful lyricism, and eclectic concepts. On 2, member SOYEON is back in a songwriting, arranging, and producing role, contributing to the composition of four of the LP’s eight songs: “Super Lady,” “Revenge,” Fate,” and “Wife.” Members MIYEON (for the first time), MINNIE, and YUQI also all pop up in the album’s production credits, ensuring that at least one (G)I-DLE member had a hand in writing every song featured on 2. Sonically, “Vision” is a notable outlier, trading in the group’s recent signature bombast for a smoother, UK-garage-influenced lullaby encouraging the listener to give in to desire. Other themes highlighted on the album include a call to self-confidence for women looking for a win (“Super Lady”); the deliciousness of even ill-advised vengeance (“Revenge”); and, of course, love (“7Days,” “Rollie”). Both “Doll” and pre-release banger “Wife” offer a resistance to objectification, while “Fate” (called “I Hate Being in Pain” in Korean) pairs a bright pop melody with melancholic lyrics like “I feel like I'm going to throw up because I'm worried all day long.” On 2, (G)I-DLE does it all with la-la-las and percussive panache, refusing to choose between making a point and making a bop.

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