Editors’ Notes For Kristjan Järvi, a conductor who’s spent much of his life working across the world, Nordic Escapes represents his refuge, his homecoming. Each beautifully crafted orchestral track, composed and conducted by Järvi, is a love letter to his beloved Estonia’s power to soothe the spirit. Leaving the misty shores of “In Horizons,” he is drawn gradually homeward by “Nebula,” its shimmering, morphing string textures bound by a sure rhythmic foundation, before the coruscating, joyous “Aurora” evokes the dancing northern lights. With “Frozen Tears” and “Runic Prayer,” he revels in his Estonian folk roots, while a love of Scandi-jazz breathes through the chiming “Kirbu Epiphany.” A bonus, ambient remix of “Nebula” by German producer Robot Koch echoes this thoroughly enjoyable, eclectic journey of the soul.

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