106 Songs, 7 Hours 59 Minutes


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3.7 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

varandian ,

Where are the chapters/track splits?

The music is awesome as usual but the continuous DJ mix is 2 hours long with no track/chapter splits! How do we know what the track that we're loving is called at 1:28:36?

E-man1128 ,

A State of sadness

If this mix doesn’t indicate to you the sad reality of trance music, I don’t know what will. But this is as far away from trance as it gets and it’s getting worse by the year. Today most of the producers have adopted most of the cheesy elements of EDM into their tracks now because it’s clearly all about the money and fame. The mixing itself is the only highlight to this mix, the content starts off with a bunch of vocalist singing some un-inspired lyrics with no clever thought to them. Then the mix traditionally progresses to the higher bpm range tunes that are “meh” at best. If you’re a fan of EDM or hard trance, this mix is for you. But I leave you with this: One of armin’s famous quotes is “never be a sucker to your own sound.” He clearly knows he’s a hypocrite to this if you go look at a youtube interview he did with Junkie XL. He clearly states that the trance music we know of is gone but he’s sticking with it. Armin will always be a legend in the trance world but as for his current content it’s a sinking ship and he knows it. But he’s going to milk that cash cow until the ship has sunken... Also like other companies Armada must have paid people putting up (Fake) reviews to keep the ratings up on their releases.

LAAngelsfan1980 ,


Armin please go back to your roots, this compilation is pretty awful. Been a super fan since 2002. Still clinging for hope.@arminvanbuuren

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