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3.8 out of 5
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4 Ratings

iBeckTech ,

Not as good as S1’s but still a very good score!

Although I enjoyed listened to the themes last season, this season’s score seems to be a bit more dramatic. For what it is, I will say that it still fits the season perfectly, though.

For the record, the best song is “I Love You And I Let You Go.” It means so much and is captured beautifully by Eskmo!

Live Like Christ! ,

How far will this dark go?...

If you had the opportunity to save a life, would you do it?

I’m very happy about Selena Gomez’s new found faith. Out of all things that make me smile, that’s hands down one of them. But there is something I have to say about her new show 13 Reasons Why. While as interesting, thrilling, emotional, and well done as the series seems to be, there’s also something else. I am in NO way accusing Selena Gomez of writing this with wrong intention but to help. But it’s done the opposite. This isn’t an opinion, it’s a fact without any opinions attached.

The suicide rate has gone up 5 percent since the releasing of the first thrilling season of 13RW. A 14 year old girl committed suicide in the very same way Hannah Baker did. A 15 year old girl also did the same. And a 23 year old guy committed suicide and left cassette tapes behind. All after watching this. I’m certainly not saying “watch out! If your eyes see this then you’ll kill yourself!” No not at all. I’m pretty sure there were other things going on in these 3 peoples lives. But being that there were a lot of similarities to them and Hannah Baker...what if it pushed them, just a little bit? And if not, what about the 5 percent rating?

Now for my option!!!;) okay so, the series also has language, alcohol and drug use and quite a bit of other things. And it’s not just minor language!* (you can google the ratings)
When someone dies, it’s a terrible thing. But when someone takes their own life, it’s mourning
in a whole different way. And the series that was supposed to decrease actually increased it!
It was left like committing suicide was a way to get back at people who hurt you. And leaving something behind blaming people is a great way to avenge your death! I think it’s a great thing that needs to be put out even more as far as speaking and showing the horrors of bullying and how much they can hurt someone.
But to the young people that don’t have anyone to guide them and are hopeless, tv becomes their parent. And when a person on tv finds freedom by ending their pain.
Seems like the only thing to do, right?

We can surely have an impact. For good or bad.
I’m sorry if I’ve given the appearance of someone who wants to start a crazy rampage accusing people. I’m not better than anyone:)
I’m just a Christian who wants to serve God. I’m not sure how often reviews are read. But I figured that if this could help just one person, it would be worth it. Please don’t let the dark go further. People choose to commit suicide. But they don’t need encouragement.
Imagine you were standing on one end of a bridge. And on the other end, there’s a person with one leg over the edge. They are hopeless. But you have hope. You have Jesus. What would you do? If you had the opportunity to save a life, would you do it?

AriaHazyy ,


I’ve been waiting for “what do we do now” ever since I heard it in the 2x11 credits. I get chills every time I hear the song.

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