Editors’ Notes Fame doesn't seem to have changed these Texas boys a bit, other than bringing their sound to a bigger audience. The Eli Young Band's journey is a classic American success story, from their grassroots beginnings as part of the Texas Red Dirt country-rock scene to their major-label signing and string of huge hits. 10,000 Towns is their first album since 2011's "Crazy Girl" single took them to a new level of renown, but even while grasping the proverbial brass ring, the band haven't let go of their initial vision. As tunes like "Drunk Last Night" (already a major hit in advance of the album release) and "Dust" continue to make clear, The Eli Young Band are as much about driving, Americana-tinged rock 'n' roll as they are about country music. The vibe defined by Mike Eli's voice and James Young's guitar could be the modern-day equivalent to the '70s/'80s "heartland rock" of Tom Petty, John Mellencamp, et al. But when the group touch down on the gentle, romantic "Angel Like You" or ride the sweeping, power-ballad dynamics of "What Does," it's obvious they're anything but monochromatic.