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Chris Osman ,

Solid Effort by Arnold

Though I must admit that in light of David Arnold's remark of a different Bond requiring a different style, I was slightly disappointed by the familiarity of the album. It is Arnold through and through, and for those of you who enjoyed his previous outings, that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Naturally the use of the Bond theme isn't used quite as extensively as in the other albums, but you do get a sort of a half developed tease throughout. Naturally due to the fact that this is a relaunching of sorts, it's a very interesting creative idea from Arnold. You do however get the satisfaction of the full use of the Bond melody from the track, "The Name's Bond... James Bond." Also, Vesper's theme is a nice soft addition, creating a degree of emotion Bond does have for her. These tracks together with more of the fast paced themes in "African Rundown," "Stairwell Fight," and "The Switch," create a well rounded album that does stack up to Arnold's previous works.

The basic principle of marketing stating that in order to increase performance one must first decrease expectations, I must say that I did have high expectations for this album that weren't fully met. However, being a big Bond fan, I can say that it is a solid offering, and is definitely worth the purchase, especially considering that this Digital Version includes 13 more minutes, that definitely flesh out the album.

Definitely download "African Rundown," "Stairwell Fight," and "The Name's Bond...James Bond."

5OChile ,


Ok, so I know the movie isn't out yet, but I still am a huge Bond fan and a really big fan of David Arnolds work. I admit, that I've liked every score of Arnolds, "Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day", and that he never disappoints and trust me when I say, this is one of his best. Compared to the last 3 scores that he wrote, this is by far the most original. Yes, you really don't hear too much of the James Bond theme. But that's the whole point of this movie. We are seeing 007 become 007. The best way someone put it is...Craig has to earn the James Bond theme, which I hear he really does. Of course my favorite track is "The name is Bond...James Bond," but the other ones will sound distinctly like previous Bond scores, but most of them are more original. The best ones are "African Rundown, Blunt Instrument, Aston Montenegro, The End of an Aston Martin and Death of Vesper"...hell the whole thins is good. I just wish the Chris Cornell song "you know my name", but if you are a big James Bond fan, then you really need to get this. I hope my review helps.

Mu$ic M@n ,

Come on you guys!!!!!

For all of those people that wanted, "You Know MY Name", How about trying to browse the song name? It comes up with Chris Cornell From Casino Royale. You guys should be smarter then this!!!!!

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