回:Song of the Sirens - EP

回:Song of the Sirens - EP

回:Song of the Sirens marks the second release since Big Hit (the home of BTS) acquired GFRIEND’s agency, Source. The girl group has upped their ambitions with a refreshed sonic palette. “Eye of the Storm” has accelerated drum fills and swirling keyboards that inch toward PC game/power-metal territory. Ditto the heart-pounding “Apple,” where the ladies ponder forbidden fruit over a natural yet epic backdrop, as if ’80s Fleetwood Mac had been transported to neon Seoul. Strings drape them in elegant glamour on “Room of Mirrors,” while “Tarot Cards” pushes all the grin-inducing K-pop buttons. The surprise of the bunch here is “Crème Brûlée” with its cheeky pop-trap production and clever metaphor comparing a reluctant lover to a butane-torched sugar topping: tough to crack but soft and sweet underneath.

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