4 Songs, 58 Minutes


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3.8 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

That Guy That Reviews Things ,

Some people are stupid

iTunes should really stop putting actual metal in the metal sections, because people that listen to "metal"(cough cough As I lay dying, ect.) don't actually listen to metal, and therefore, give poor reviews to decent bands.

TheEctoCosmic ,

Oh Sunn....

This is a band that grew on me. It needs to be blared at a high volume on a good pair of headphones or a stereo...that's when you realize the brilliance of this band.

sk8LIFE8ks ,

Maximum volume yields maximum results

Oh Sunn O))), how misunderstood you are. If you don't like drone or just don't "get it," do not insult drone itself or fans of drone. For music can be whatever someone wants music to sound like, just like visual art, some pieces you may look at and wonder what the hell they were thinking there? But the truth is the artist had a vision of what art could be and they executed it to resemble their interpretation. If you do like drone, i can gurantee you will find some enjoyment out of this mammoth album. The riffs are crushing, unrelentless and slow as hell. That is what drone should be, or what Sunn O))) thinks it should be. On a final note, don't be close minded and accept all forms of art whether you like them or not because the creator most likely put their soul into it.

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