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About Speak Onion

Speak Onion is the recording moniker of Dan Abatemarco, a Queens, New York-based electronic musician who describes his harsh, chaotic work as "drum'n'noise." His music mashes electronic feedback and splattered breakbeats into an intense, complex mass of sound influenced by industrial music as well as experimental sound design. A longtime fixture of New York's breakcore scene, he began playing at bars and small venues during the mid-2000s, along with artists such as Edgey and Enduser. In April of 2009, Abatemarco and musician David B. Applegate founded Immigrant Breast Nest, a label dedicated to underground electronic music with an emphasis on harder-edged experimental sounds. Speak Onion's exhilarating performances eventually garnered attention from The Village Voice, who profiled the artist in early 2010. After numerous free, self-released recordings, Speak Onion released his proper debut album, Unanswered, on Ohm Resistance in 2016.

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