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A short-lived but enjoyable group, the Tuesdays were Norway's answer to Different Light-era Bangles, balancing indie-style guitar pop hooks and commercial gloss. The group formed in 1990 as a high school cover band called No Limits in their hometown of Larvik, Norway. The group, which included guitarist Hege Solli, keyboardist Kristin Werner, and bassist May Hole, eventually changed their name to the Tuesday Girls and released their debut album, When You're a Tuesday Girl, in Norway and Japan in 1994. After a disagreement over musical direction, the original group splintered, with the trio finding new singer Laila Samuels and drummer Linda Gustafsson and shortening their name to the Tuesdays. The new band signed to Arista worldwide in 1997 and released The Tuesdays in 1998. Despite some minor radio buzz for the single "It's Up to You," the album didn't sell particularly well, and after a follow-up was rejected by the label, the group split up. Laila Samuels released her first solo album in May 2002. ~ Stewart Mason


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