The Irrepressibles
The Irrepressibles

The Irrepressibles

About The Irrepressibles

The brainchild of vocalist/composer/artistic director Jamie McDermott, London’s Irrepressibles are an orchestral ten-piece informed by Baroque music, cabaret decadence, the glam rock of David Bowie and T. Rex, ‘50s exotica, and lush contemporaries like Antony and the Johnsons and the Wild Beasts. They performed in London galleries, Sicilian villas, a Roman amphitheater in Barcelona, and Paris’ concert hall La Cigale, but their breakthrough performances were at the 2008 Latitude Festival. In 2009, the band released the score to Shelly Love’s The Forgotten Circus as the From the Circus to the Sea EP. Their full-length debut, Mirror Mirror, arrived in 2010. ~ Heather Phares

    London, England

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