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With girlish harmonies, swanky guitar riffs, stylish synth beats, and a kitschy cool sense of fashion, Dublin indie rock outfit the Chalets came together in 2001. Paula Cullen (vocals/keyboards), Caoimhe Derwin (vocals, keyboards), Chris Judge (bass), Enda Loughman (guitar), and Dylan Roche (drums) deliver a spunky presentation that's similar to Letters to Cleo, the Subways, and the Pipettes. The Two Chord Song 7" split with synth pop guru Neosupervital marked the Chalets' proper debut in late 2003. Their flirty double-single Theme from Chalets/Sexy Mistake followed the next spring on Nasty Pop/Setanta; the title track from 2005's Nightrock EP was later featured worldwide outside of the U.S. in the trailer for the animated children's comedy Madagascar. Just as the band was gaining momentum on the U.K. indie scene with its 2005 full-length LP, Check In, Art Brut took the Chalets on a German tour in January 2006. Additional headlining shows in the U.K. also coincided with the Chalets' win for Best New Band at 2006's Meteor Music Ireland Awards. "Sexy Mistake" was later featured in two episodes of the ABC drama Grey's Anatomy. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

Dublin, Ireland

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