About Regi

Belgian trance and electronica producer and DJ Regi Penxten was born in Hasselt on March 4, 1976. He began experimenting with sounds as a child, and eventually released his first EP of recorded works at the age of 18. He is a member of the club/dance outfit Milk Inc., which rose to prominence upon the release of their hit single "La Vache" in 1997. Over the next ten-plus years, Regi -- as he would eventually be called -- expanded his output to include high-profile DJ appearances, as well as the first in a series of live Milk Inc. shows in 2006. His first solo album, REGIstrated, was released in 2007, and helped to further cement his reputation and status in the regional dance/house scene. ~ Chris True

    Hasselt, Belgium
  • BORN
    04 March 1976

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