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About Rednex

Swedish Eurodance group Rednex struck gold with their first single, a 1994 novelty electro-bluegrass cover of the pre-Civil War standard “Cotton Eye Joe”. • The original lineup of vocalist Annika Ljungberg, vocalist/banjoist Arne Arstrand, and violinists Kent Olander and Billie Ray Jonas Nilsson were recruited by a trio of producers including Patrick Edenberg, who joined the group as well. • Members of the group used costumes and stage names like Mary Joe and Bobby Sue to reflect their central gimmick: evoking the old American South. • Rednex reimagined “Cotton Eye Joe”, which is believed to be a pre–Civil War plantation song, as a pop track with a thumping beat and accompanying line dance choreography. The single became an international hit, topping the charts across Europe and reaching No. 25 in the US. • While they never again made the US charts, the singles “Old Pop in an Oak” and “Wish You Were Here”—both from their 1995 debut album, Sex & Violins—found success in Europe. • “The Spirit of the Hawk”, off the group’s 2000 sophomore album, Farm Out, reached No. 1 in Germany and Austria. • Rednex continue to release music but have evolved into being primarily a live touring act composed of a rotating pool of musicians.