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This US group was formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1983 by the innovative guitarist Floyd Rose. He is otherwise best known for being the inventor of the locking tremelo system, the now indispensable device that ensures the guitar stays in tune even after the heaviest of tremelo use. Joining Floyd Rose in Q5 were Jonathan K (vocals), Rick Pierce (guitar), Evan Sheeley (bass/keyboards) and Gary Thompson (drums), all previously with TKO. Signing to the small independent label Albatross Records, the group released their debut, Steel The Light, in 1984. It was later released in Europe on the Roadrunner Records label in 1985. The album was typically Americanized melodic hard rock and, in a glut of similar releases, passed largely unnoticed. Floyd Rose built his own recording studio at his home, which the group then used for the recording of a second album. With virtually unlimited studio time available, When The Mirror Cracks was released on the Music For Nations label in 1986. Full of strong, melodic compositions, it did, however, tend to sound slightly over-produced. The group fell apart in 1987, and Floyd Rose will be remembered more for his contribution to guitar technology than his recordings with Q5.


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