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Somewhat comparable to the likes of extreme metal veterans Cryptopsy and relative newcomers such as Cephalic Carnage, the Kansas-based quintet Origin specializes in ridiculously technical, fast, and punishing death/grind metal. The group was initially founded by guitarists Paul Ryan and Jeremy Turner in July of 1997. Over the next six months, the duo enlisted bassist Clint Appelhanz, vocalist Mark Manning, and drummer George Fluke to fill out the first Origin lineup, which went on to record the demo A Coming Into Existence in October of 1998. The following year, a new rhythm section came on board in the form of bassist Doug Williams (formerly of Cephalic Carnage) and drummer John Longstreth (formerly of Angel Corpse). This lineup went on to record the group's self-titled debut album for Relapse Records, which was released in 2000. In the wake of this CD, Origin went on extensive tours with fellow death metal extremists including Cryptopsy, Vader, Cephalic Carnage, and Dying Fetus. More lineup changes would follow before the band could make it back into the studio, as vocalist James Lee stepped in to replace Manning and bassist Mike Flores moved in as the replacement for Williams. With this new lineup in place, Origin recorded their second CD, Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas, which was released in mid-2002, again on Relapse. 2005's Echoes of Decimation once again showed off the band's increasingly technical instrumental prowess, but the following year saw James King and Clint Appelhanz leave the fold to join death metal/grindcore group Unmerciful -- Paul Ryan would handle all of the guitar parts for the band's tour in support of the album. Co-founder Jeremy Turner joined back up for 2008's Antithesis, which made a strong showing on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. More lineup changes preceded the release of 2011's Entity, which saw the band paired down to a trio featuring Ryan, Mike Flores, and John Longstreth. Origin grew back into a quartet with a arrival of new vocalist Jason Keyser, who joined the group for 2014's Omnipresent, and in 2017 the band returned with their seventh studio long player, Unparalleled Universe, which was released via Nuclear Blast. ~ William York

    Topeka, KS

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